5J Music, LLC

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Q:  What is Kratom?

A:  Kratom is a natural herb grown in Southern Asia that is a completely natural pain killer.

Q:  Does Kratom work?

A:  Yes it does.  There are different strains of Kratom - Maengda for energy, Bali tor pain and Thai is used to relax you.  We have had great success       with this product.  We offer different types of Kratom! American is the best seller, then we have White Rabbit, Captain Kratom, and last we have Royal.

Q:  Do we actually sell music cds ?

A:  Yes, we do. We can pre order if we don't have it in stock as well!

Q:  Do you sell glassware?

A:   Yes, we only sell glass tobacco pipes for tobacco use only!

Q:  Do you sell detox and synthetic urine?

A:   Yes we do it is called Xstreme and the synthetic urine is a adult novelty item and if chose to purchase you will be asked for your ID..